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Informed Consent Document

My name is David Cummings

I am a student at York University in the Schulich School of Business. I am conducting a survey under the supervision of the 601 office at the Schulich School of Business. If you have any questions about this ethics review process or substance of the research, please feel free to contact me by email at dcummings08@schulich.yorku.ca

We are attempting to understand why consumers purchase or rent their water heaters, and how satisfied they are with their decision. We are therefore asking if you would agree to participate in our research by answering a series of questions that will be recorded in written form.

Please understand that you do not have to participate in this research, and that you can terminate your participation at any time during the course of the research. In addition, once the research is finished, you have the right to ask to not include the information you provided.

This survey has 18 questions and will require between 5-10 minutes to complete.

This research is confidential and no individuals or organizations will be identified without their written consent. Any information that could reveal your identity will be excluded from any reports that are written based on this research. The surveys will be destroyed at the end of this project. This research has been approved by the Schulich School of Business Human Participants Review Committee.

I am fully aware of the nature and extent of my participation in this project as stated above and the possible risks from it. I hereby agree to participate in this project. I acknowledge that I have received a copy of this consent statement.

Date: June 1st 2011

Signatures of researchers: David Cummings

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