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The Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy School (SAVAS) addresses the basics of being a victim advocate — answering the crisis line, providing individual and systems advocacy and providing outreach in your community. Participants will have opportunities to practice skills necessary to provide comprehensive advocacy for victims. New sexual assault victim advocates, domestic violence victim advocates who are staff of Sexual Assault Service Providers (SASPs) are encouraged to attend.

SAVAS consists of a classroom component, which will be conducted live online via Zoom, in addition to a series of sessions via webinar prior to and after the training. Participants will be expected to have completed each session.
The training will last Monday through Thursday, January 11-14, Tuesday through Friday, January 19-22 and Monday through Friday, January 25-29. On Friday, January 29th, we welcome WI Office of Crime Victim Services staff, who will provide information on the CVC/SAFE, Crime Victim Rights and Safe at Home programs. These live sessions will last 2.5 hours each day and will not be recorded.
This opportunity is being offered to staff of member Sexual Assault Service Providers (SASPs) for no fee. The registration fee for staff of other organizations serving sexual assault survivors is $300 for the entire training. (see agenda).

** If you are only attending the OCVS Session on January 29th or are making up the postponed sessions on January 19-21, there is also no fee. **

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Peter Fiala, Events & Technology Coordinator at

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If you would like to attend just the session(s) you missed or that were postponed during the October/November SAVAS, please indicate which one(s) here. Attendees to these sessions can ignore the payment page at the end.