St. Andrews University (SAU) is now seeking organizations ranging from small businesses and non-profits, to medium and large size companies to work with our MBA students. Organizations with an interest in partnering with SAU and its students are encouraged to complete this brief preliminary application online. In cooperation with the SAU Practicum Coordinator, MBA student teams will select the organizations and projects that are most closely aligned with the objectives of the student team.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, feel free to contact Dr. Wayne Freeman, MBA Practicum Coordinator at (910) 318-1638 or

1. Provide information for the primary contact person for this opportunity.

2. Provide a brief description of the nature of the business.

3. Provide a brief description of an actual problem or opportunity facing the organization that will become the proposed project to be undertaken by the team.

If St. Andrews University (SAU) accepts your organization into the program and a mutually agreeable scope of work and list of deliverables are agreed on, by submitting this preliminary application to participate your organization agrees to:

1. Work in a confidential relationship with a student team of 3-5 MBA students for 20-25 weeks.
2. Furnish relevant company information to the assigned SAU team.
3. Acknowledge that assistance does not imply any endorsement by SAU.
4. Waive all claims against SAU and its students and faculty.

Although not a requirement of the program, if you are satisfied with the outcomes of this experience, donations to the SAU MBA Program are welcome.

Thank you for your interest in this new and exciting opportunity!