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* 1. This Community Survey is for adults over age 18 who live or work in Barry County.  Please answer all questions with Barry County in mind. To get started, we need to know a little bit about you.  Please check all that apply.

* 2. Please check all that apply:

* 3. Thinking about Barry County, to what extent do you think the following are problems in the community?

  Great Extent Moderate Extent Small Extent Not at All I Don't Know
Drug use, in general?
Underage drinking?
Heroin use?
Misuse of opiates or prescription medications?
Parents allowing underage drinking?
Marijuana use?
Tobacco use?

* 4. Which drugs do you think are the biggest problems in Barry County? Please select 2.

* 5. What kinds of things have you heard about underage drinking in Barry County?

* 6. What have you heard about heroin use in Barry County?

* 7. What have you heard about marijuana in Barry County?

* 8. What have you heard about e-cigarettes or vaping in Barry County?

* 9. What have you heard about opiates and prescription drug use in Barry County?

* 10. Do you know of parents/adults in the community who support or allow youth alcohol or drug use?

* 11. How knowledgeable do you feel about...

  Very knowledgeable Somewhat knowledgeable Not very knowledgeable I'd like to know more
Underage drinking laws?
The opiate and heroin epidemic?
Overdose prevention?
Medical Marijuana laws and regulations?
Talking with others about substance abuse issues and prevention?

* 12. Where do you get information about substances (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, prescription abuse, etc.)? Please check all that apply.

* 13. How risky do you view the following?

  Very Risky Moderately Risky  Somewhat Risky  No Risk 
Drinking and driving
Driving after using marijuana
Riding in a car when the driver has been drinking or using marijuana
Using alcohol and marijuana together
Providing alcohol to minors
Sharing prescription pills 
providing tobacco to minors

* 14. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral  Disagree Strongly Disagree 
Marijuana use is bad for kids/youth.
Alcohol use is encouraged and promoted in this community.
Medicines prescribed by doctors are safe and not addictive. 
People in my community know how to properly dispose of unwanted/unused medications. 
Smoke-free restaurants are better for everyone. 

* 15. Of the following, which would you consider the most risky?

* 16. Of the following, which would you consider the most risky?

* 17. To what extent would you support the following?

  Strongly Support Moderately Support Somewhat Support No Support
Raising the minimum age to buy tobacco products to 21
Offering more family focused events where alcohol is not served
Stronger consequences and penalties for those who supply alcohol and drugs to youth
Limiting the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in your community
Stronger laws regarding medical marijuana use and abuse 

* 18. Please rank the following substances from most risky to least risky, when considering youth use.  

* 19. Barry County has the necessary resources to prevent and reduce drug use. 

* 20. In Barry County, where would you seek information or help about substance use prevention or treatment?

* 21. What substance use issue do you want to know more about?

* 22. Have you ever visited the Barry County Substance Abuse Task Force website at

* 23. Have you ever heard of the Barry County Substance Abuse Task Force?

* 24. Please enter your zip code.

* 25. Please indicate your age range:

* 26. Please indicate your gender:

* 27. I would describe myself as...(Please select all that apply.)

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