UCSB Mental Health Peer Program - School Anxiety Program Interest Page

Thank you for your interest in the School Anxiety Program. The university is a high pressure setting which can cause students to feel anxious. Students who experience anxiety related to their academics may feel like their test taking abilities, motivation, concentration, sleep, and stress levels are impacted.
The School Anxiety Program (SAP) includes up to three 1-hour long sessions. Your assigned Mental Health Peer will focus on time management, coping, and relaxation. 

SAP has been found to be helpful because:
- It can be useful for students experiencing mild to moderate anxiety before and/or during an exam - including problems with sleep, motivation, concentration, memory, and stress.
- It can help identify causes of anxiety, teach skills that reduce physiological symptoms, and challenge the student's thought processes.
- It can teach skills that will help students tackle challenges throughout their lives.
Please fill out the following information and a Mental Health Peer Program representative will contact you withing 7 business days to schedule your first session. If you have any direct questions, please email us at mentalhealthpeers@sa.ucsb.edu or call (805) 893-4411.
If you are in need of counseling support, please call the UCSB Counseling & Psychological Services 24/7 line - (805) 893-4411.