Survey Instructions

The Schuylkill Action Network (SAN) is offering a workshop in January 2020 for wastewater utilities and water suppliers. We want to know what topics you would like to hear about and what your needs are in order to most effectively share new technology and information with each other!

Thank you for filling out the following brief survey (less than 10 minutes). We will be incorporating your responses during the planning process of the workshop/forum.

Background About the SAN
The SAN improves water resources in the Schuylkill River watershed by working with partners including watershed organizations, land conservationists, businesses, academics, recreational communities, local governments and government agencies, and water suppliers. 
SAN is comprised of several workgroups, including the Pathogens and Point Source Workgroup, which shares information about drinking water, wastewater, technological improvements, regulatory updates, and emerging contaminants.
Some benefits of participating in the SAN include:
  • Meeting partners throughout the watershed
  • Sharing information and learning best practices
  • Being kept up-to-date on watershed news, grants, and events through our meetings, website resources, and e-newsletter
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