The Theoretical and Computational Physics Division of the South African Institute of Physics (SAIP) has been requested to survey the landscape of theoretical and computational sciences in South Africa by the Expert Working Group who will make the scientific case to the Department of Science and Technology (DST) for the creation of the National Institute for Theoretical and Computational Sciences (NITheCS) to succeed the National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITheP).

We would like to understand who of the SA Physics community considers themselves a theoretical and/or computational physicist.  If you feel that you are part of the Theoretical & Computational Physics community in SA, would you please complete the 3 short questions below;
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* 1. Personal Details

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* 2. Please Specify your Area of Theoretical and/or Computational Physics:

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* 3. Any Other Comments/ Suggestions e.g. Do you have a research group or center of excellence in Theoretical and Computational Physics?