The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has approved the concept for the SAICM project on Global best practices on emerging chemical policy issues of concern under the SAICM. As an output of the project, a knowledge management platform will be developed in line with the needs identified in the SAICM Overall Orientation and Guidance.
Results of the survey will be used by the SAICM secretariat to gather baseline information and assess stakeholder needs in the design of the future platform.

The survey is anonymous and should not take any longer than 8 minutes. We appreciate your time in filling out the survey.

1. What is the type of your organisation?

2. What is the principal sector of your organisation?

3. What is the primary geographical focus of your organisation?

4. What is your role in your organisation? Please describe.

5. Give one or more examples of knowledge or information you have recently searched for. What were they? Were you able to find the information you wanted, and if so, where?

6. Give one or more examples of a time when you have used information to soundly manage chemicals? How?

7. What are your objectives in searching for information?

  very important important somewhat important not important
As a reference or to guide development of documents 
Compare with what others do in similar situation
Be aware of your obligations
Assess dangers of chemicals
Look for guidance in implementing a policy
For training purpose
Develop ideas for new projects
Find or link up with new partners or stakeholders
Know about conferences and events

8. Where do you find the information that interests you?

  always very often occasionally very rarely never
Websites you know (e.g. online toolkits, own government, organisation, partners’, UN agencies, etc)
Google or another search engine
Directly receive it from having subscribed to a mailing list
Word of mouth/ emailed link by colleagues

9. What type of information do you look for?

10. How do you browse for information? Please rank from 1 (most frequent) to 3 (less frequent)

11. Which if any social media / collaborative tools do you use for work?

12. Do you produce information?

13. Would you be willing to share your information on a knowledge management platform?

Absolutly NOT
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

14. Is there any information on knowledge management for chemicals that you would like to share? Please do so here.

15. If you agree to be contacted by the SAICM secretariat to discuss your answers more thoroughly, please provide your email address