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This is a project specific consent form. It restricts the use of the data collected to the named project by the named investigators.

Project Title: Using conjoint analysis to validate SAGE: A tool to assess research engagement actions and research use in health policy
Approval No: H10440

I acknowledge that:
• I have read the participant information sheet and have been given the opportunity to discuss the information and my involvement in the project with the researchers.
• The procedures required for the project and the time involved have been explained to me, and any questions I have about the project have been answered to my satisfaction. I understand that:
- The researchers will use data obtained from these ratings to validate SAGE - a tool that assesses research engagement and research use in health policy development
- My involvement is confidential and that the information gained during the study may be published but no information about me will be used in any way that reveals my identity
- I can withdraw from the study at any time, without affecting my relationship with the researchers now or in the future, and that my decision to withdraw will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the study team.

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