Zadar, 16.05.2018

The SAFE-10-T project is developing a Risk-Based Safety Framework to ensure high performance of transport networks in terms of operation, mobility and safety, whilst allowing longer life-cycles for road, rail and inland waterway infrastructure. The project represents a significant shift from the consideration of infrastructure assets, such as bridges, tunnels and earthworks, as inert objects but rather considers them as intelligent self-learning objects that exploit monitoring data to inform infrastructure operators regarding their condition.
The workshop aims to:
  • To engage stakeholders in the preliminary phase of the User’ Demands Analysis;
  • To gather first-hand examples of communication models between service providers and final end-users;
  • To gather insights from service providers on tools and practices for end user’s demand analysis, currently implemented in the industry.
Your participation to the Workshop represents an added value for the project in terms of first-hand data gathering on existing models for final end user’s involvement in service provision and improvement.
Moreover, Your contributions will help to the shaping of SAFE-10-T products, so that they can reply to current needs related to user profile for an improved service delivery.
Date: 16.05.2018
Venue: Hotel Kolovare (Zadar, Croatia)
Time: 15.00 - 17.00