1. SABE Self Determination Survey

SABE is conducting a survey to find out if your local or statewide self advocacy organization's activities help its members to be more self-determined.

The Developmental Disabilities Act's definition of self determination, and the one SABE is using for the purpose of this survey, is as follows:

(27) SELF-DETERMINATION ACTIVITIES. -The term ''self-determination activities'' means activities that result in individuals with developmental disabilities, with appropriate assistance, having-
(A) the ability and opportunity to communicate and make personal decisions;
(B) the ability and opportunity to communicate choices and exercise control over the type and intensity of services, supports, and other assistance the individuals receive;
(C) the authority to control resources to obtain needed services, supports, and other assistance;
(D) opportunities to participate in, and contribute to, their communities; and
(E) support, including financial support, to advocate for themselves and others, to develop leadership skills, through training in self-advocacy, to participate in coalitions, to educate policymakers, and to play a role in the development of public policies that affect individuals with developmental disabilities.

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