Self Advocates Becoming Empowered was asked to help the 
Center for Disease Control (CDC) to get information to our members about COVID-19 Vaccines.  Priorities are states who have lower vaccination rates and a higher incident of current outbreaks.

SABE and our partners want to make sure people with disabilities are getting the facts about the virus in their state.  We would like to invite your group or organization to apply for a mini-grant for a COVID Vaccine Outreach Project for your state.

Questions you may have.

What is a Vaccine Outreach Mini-Grant Project? 

It is to provide information to people with disabilities in your state and local community.  This information may increase the number of people with disabilities who receive the Covid-19 vaccines and booster shots. 

Who can apply for a project?

Groups or Organizations led by self advocates for self advocates. We are asking each organization to partner with another state developmental disability organization or a local community organization such as the Health Department. In addition, you can work together with other states that participated in the Self Advocacy Regional Center - OCSS, Pacific Alliance, EPIC, NEAT, SW Alliance, and HEARTLAND.

How many Vaccine Outreach Mini-Grant Projects will we give out?

Mini-Grants will be given to 19 states.

How will the Vaccine Outreach Mini-Grant Projects Products be used?

All approved Vaccine Outreach Mini-Grant Project products will be shared with the CDC and other organizations on our social media. 

How much is the Mini-Grant?

Each project will receive $4,000 for the project. 
·      We will give you  $1,000 to begin your project
·      When your project is complete at the end of June and you submit your final report and any tools that you created you will receive the final payment of  $3,000.

Your organization will need to be incorporated as a 501 C3.  If you are not, you can have another organization receive these funds for you. 

What are some examples of Outreach Vaccine Mini-Grants products and information SABE wants?

·       A product could be a public service video with stories about the shots.
·       Group members can share how they helped stop the spread by getting the vaccine shots and booster.
·       Record a Virtual presentation and training in your state
·       Share with others what changed your member’s mind about getting the vaccine?

When is the deadline to submit application?
Apply by Tuesday, November 23, 2021 by 5pm EST.  Project selections made by Monday, December 6, 2021.

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