2023 awards have been determined.  New nominations will be considered for 2024.  thank you

Thank you for making this nomination.  Please provide as much information and detail as you are able.  If you don't have it at hand, make a note in the form that you'll be emailing additional info to etamas@kasap.org.  The committee needs as much information as possible to make award selection decisions.

Please note that only one nomination may be made at a time. If you wish to nominate someone else/another program, you will need to finish the survey and then return to it to submit a second nomination. Nominations are due January 13. The committee will review all nominations the following week. 

Also, unfortunately at this time, the following types of individuals are not eligible for awards:  Current employees of KASAP, current employees of rape crisis centers (exception, they may be nominated for the Fonetta A Elam award), and members of the SAAPM Planning Committee. 

Innovative Programs from/in rape crisis centers ARE eligible.