Whether you've hosted SAA courses before, or are interested in hosting one for the first time, complete the short survey below to be considered!  

This call for SAA course and co-sponsors will be open March 1 - March 24, 2017. Applicants will be contacted after March 24. The next SAA Call for Co-Sponsors will be held in September 2017.  View SAA's catalog of current educational offerings here.

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Co-sponsoring an Arrangement & Description (A&D) certificate course
Co-sponsoring a Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) certificate course
Co-sponsoring the entire DAS certicate program (nine 8-hour courses + a 3-hour proctored exam)
Co-sponsoring the entire A&D certificate program (eight 8-hour courses)
Co-sponsoring an SAA Workshop
Hosting the DAS comprehensive exam
All of the above

* How frequently would your institution be willing/able to co-sponsor a course?

* What is the maximum number of attendees your education space(s) could accommodate?

* What audio-visual resources are available? (Check all that apply)

* What food and/or beverage options are available? (Check all that apply)

* What marketing support would you be able to provide to promote the course/workshop/exam to your professional networks and local audiences? (Check all that apply)

* Is your institution able to offer a scholarship or travel grant to encourage attendance? If so, in what amount?  (Type N/A if this is not currently an option.)

* Are you interested in being a course instructor for an in-person course, workshop or webcast? (Check all that apply)

* Do you have any additional comments or questions for SAA's Education team?

Thank you for your interest in being an SAA education co-sponsor!  A member of our Education team will be in touch regarding your application and next steps after the Call for Co-sponsors closes on March 24. Please click "Done"  to submit your application.
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