1. Overall Satisfaction Feedback

This survey has been designed by the SkyView Academy SAAC (SkyView Academy Accountability Committee) in an effort to provide parent feedback to the school leadership and the Board of Directors regarding school culture and education. We value the feedback from our parent community. Survey feedback will be analyzed by our SAAC and presented to our Board of Directors. Families, parents and students will not be identified through this survey!

For each completed survey, please print or screen shot the 'thank you' screen (add your name to the print version please) and show to one of our Hospitality or reception staff for volunteers to receive 5 volunteer hours/family AND a dress of choice ticket for ES/MS and college wear for HS for each child in the family. 

Vision Statement:
SkyView Academy is committed to preparing students to be life-long learners and honorable leaders of tomorrow.

Mission Statement:
SkyView Academy offers a research-based, content-rich liberal arts program with a commitment to foreign language studies and community service. Staff, parents and students are actively involved in a culture of expectation and support where individuals are respected, valued and known by the content of their character.

* 1. Please choose the school/grade level for which you are completing this survey. If you are completing for more than one school, please submit separate surveys.

* 2. I am happy with SkyView Academy overall.

* 3. SkyView Academy fosters children's development of virtue and character.

* 4. SkyView Academy fosters children's learning and achievement.

* 5. SkyView Academy offers a safe and supportive environment that supports children's well-being.

* 6. I would recommend SkyView Academy to others in the community.