* 1. Name of Club
(Can be name of Association, Community Group, Area/Region/Suburb etc)

* 2. Club Nickname 
(for example Falcons, Tigers, Blues etc. Nothing crude will be accepted)

* 3. Division(s) your Club will be entering? (Can enter one or both Divisions)

* 4. Number of teams entered in the Men's Division?

* 5. Number of teams entered in the Women's Division?

* 6. Which Area would you prefer your Club/Teams games to be played? (Can pick multiple areas)

* 7. In what other competitions has your Club previously played?

* 8. What grade (District, Social, SA Church etc) have the players in your top team played?

* 9. Would any members of your club be interested in refereeing in the SAABL?

* 10. Please provide Contact Name, Email Address and Mobile Number for your Club nominee

* 11. Please Click the Link to the Code of Conduct, Read and Accept

* 12. Please Click the Link to the SAABL Constitution, Read and Accept

* 13. Application terms and acknowledgements

Thank you for application and team nomination(s). You will recieve an email shortly with details for paying the Application Fee and a copy of the Code of Conduct and SAABL Constitution. 

An Application Fee will be $100.00 per team nominated paid by 20th April 2018.