1. Budget policies

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* 1. George Osborne is to deliver his Budget on 19th March. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is "low" and 10 is "high", how would you prioritise the following policies?

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Cut spending further, so that the deficit can be reduced faster.
Cut spending further, so that taxes may also be cut.
Increase capital spending.
Extend the financing available to support exports.
Raise the stamp duty threshold to £250,000 or higher.
Abolish stamp duty.
Extend the Help to Buy scheme beyond 2016.
Allocate more land for building.
Cut the 45p tax rate, raise the threshold, or both.
Cut the 40p tax rate, raise the threshold, or both.
Cut the 20p tax rate, raise the threshold, or both.
Introduce a 10p rate of income tax.
Raise the threshold for National Insurance Contributions.
Merge income tax and National Insurance.
Extend the Employer NIC cuts for employers taking on young workers.
More money for the training of apprentices.
Raise the inheritance tax threshold.
Cut fuel duty beyond the freeze that has already been announced.
Cut VAT.
Cut green energy taxes and levies.
Cut air passenger duty.
Introduce a windfall tax on the profits of energy companies.
Engineer deals to build more nuclear power stations.
Cut the main rate of corporation tax below the 20p rate scheduled for 2015.
Reduce business rates further.
Bring forward or raise the £1,000 marriage tax allowance that is scheduled for 2015.
Lower the cap on the benefits that can be claimed by one family, currently £26,000 a year.
Bring forward or lower the cap on broader welfare spending that is scheduled for 2015.
Scrap HS2.
Build another runway at Heathrow.
Increase air capacity without building another runway at Heathrow.
Privatise more state assets, such as roads.
Introduce a "living wage" for public sector workers.
Extend the freeze on public sector pay rises beyond 2015-16, or cut public sector pay.
Regionalise public sector pay.