* 1. Name

* 2. E-mail address

* 3. AFT local name. If not an AFT member, please skip to question 5.

* 4. Your position in AFT local

* 5. Name of College or University where you are employed

* 6. City were college/university is located

* 7. State where college/university is located

* 8. Are you a:

* 9. Has your institution reduced hours or cut course loads for contingent faculty, or is it planning to do so?

* 10. If hours have been reduced or course loads have been cut, please provide more detail

* 11. Has there been an official announcement of these cuts?

If an official announcement has been made, please email a copy or hyperlink to aftresearch@aft.org

* 12. If cuts have been made, has the institution blamed them on the Affordable Care Act?

* 13. Do you have a collective bargaining agreement that governs hours of work?

* 14. If cuts have been made, did the institution negotiate with the union over the cuts in hours and/or course load?

* 15. Do you have the opportunity to purchase insurance coverage through the employer's group plan?

* 16. How many hours or how many courses do you have to work to be eligible for that coverage?

* 17. If you have health coverage through your employer, what is your monthly premium payment?

* 18. What type of health coverage do you have through your employer?

* 19. If you do not have health coverage through your employer, where is your coverage from?

* 20. Please feel free to add additional comments

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