1. 2011 RN Graduate Follow-up Survey

If you have questions concerning this survey, please contact mitz.diemer@mnwest.edu or ruth.vanheukelom@mnwest.edu. Please answer the following few questions.

* 1. I am able to communicate effectively with individuals, families, communities, and members of the health team.

* 2. I am able to delegate to other nursing personnel nursing care that is appropriate to their level of ability and scope of practice.

* 3. I am able to work effectively as a member of the health care team (i.e. respect for colleagues).

* 4. I am able to utilize the nursing process as a basis for decision making in planning care with clients of various ages and cultures.

* 5. I am able to manage care for clients within the RN scope of practice.

* 6. I am able to use technology to facilitate patient care and safety.

* 7. I am able to relate nursing knowledge, skills, values, and experiences to identify and manage common situations.

* 8. I am able to foster an environment where client choices related to cultural values, beliefs, and lifestyles are respected.

* 9. Please provide your updated contact information.

* 10. An Employer Survey will be sent to the individual identified below.

* 11. Please share any comments you believe would be helpful to improving the nursing program.