Welcome to Monaghan Citizens Forum

Monaghan Citizens Forum is organised by Monaghan Public Participation Network. Its purpose is to provide a link between local decision-makers such as Monaghan County Council and local people who wish to get involved in the decisions which affect their lives.
The Citizens Forum is essentially a database of Monaghan people who wish to be kept informed of consultations, policy changes, new programmes and initiatives, opportunities to get involved in the planning of development in their local area. 
It's a way of being well informed, so that you know what's going on, and can work out how new policies etc. are going to affect you.
It's also a way of having your say.  Maybe you've a better idea for how to develop the service in question, or maybe you've a concern about what's proposed or don't think a proposed plan has fully considered the effects of a new project...... 
The Citizens Forum will help you to get involved in public consultations and have your voice heard.
You will receive our fortnightly newsletter by email. It's jam-packed with information about funding opportunities, calls for consultation, training opportunities and community events around the county.  You never know what you might learn is going on in your own back yard!
We promise you that your contact details will ONLY be used for the purpose of keeping you informed about Monaghan Citizens Forum. We will NEVER pass your contact information on to a third party.
Welcome aboard!
The PPN Secretariat