About the proposed changes

We are carrying out a formal consultation on changes to the deanery arrangements in the Diocese of Manchester between 12 November 2019 and 28 February 2020. We are therefore inviting you to complete the following questionnaire. The two changes we are consulting on are:

- A consolidation of the current 20 deaneries into seven deaneries

- A move towards a new full-time Area Dean role, providing leadership for mission, change and development.

The main reason for these proposed changes is to create the leadership and capacity, among both clergy and laity, to ensure that we are a truly vibrant and healthy church - the church described so clearly in this film about our vision for Manchester Diocese.
We are clear that in making these changes, we are drawn by hope and faith, not driven by fear. Our belief is that this is where God is leading us. We also believe that it’s no longer an option to do what we have always done. God is calling us to do new things, and in so doing is leading us into a new place.
Making these changes will mean that we are better able to face the challenges all around us and make the positive and sometimes difficult changes we know have to be made to ensure we have vibrant and growing mission and ministry at parish level.

A full briefing document on the proposed changes can be found here. We recommend you read this before completing the questionnaire.

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* 1. Do you recognise the need for change to the way we are organised, given our positive vision for the future along with the dramatic decline in attendance in our churches in recent years and our serious financial challenges?

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* 2. To what extent to you agree with the proposal to move from 20 deaneries to seven deaneries?

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* 3. To what extent do you agree with the proposed full-time Area Dean role?

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* 4. If you would like to make any comments or suggestions, please add them here.

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