In attracting new talent, knowledge, and skills to public transportation, connecting with the K-12 students in your community is a way to tell our story of opportunities. We want to hear your outreach story! How do you plan to engage the youth in your area? Please share with us your outreach initiatives, either as part of National Public Transportation Career Day, or general activities you hold throughout the year.

* 1. Member/Organization Contact Information

* 2. Please provide a description of the outreach activity you are planning.

* 3. Who is the targeted population, and what is grade range?

* 4. Please provide the school name, and or community partner you plan on working with.

* 5. What is the estimated number of students that participate?

* 6. Will you be doing this event as part of the National Public Transportation Career Day on May 17, 2018?

* 7. Is this event open to the community or done in partnership with a specific population?

* 8. Do we have your permission to share your story on the APTA website, through member communications, or in APTA publications?