* 1. Have you ever listened to KWLP, "The Peach," 100.9 FM?

* 2. If you have listened to KWLP; how often do you listen?

* 3. If you listen to KWLP, where do you listen? (choose as many as apply)

* 4. If you listen to KWLP, on what type of device do you listen? (choose all that apply)

* 5. Please share with us your opinion of the Peach programs to which you listen: (Mark no opinion if you do not listen to the listed show.)

  Great Good No Opinion Fair Poor
The Morning Hoe Down with DanO
The Morning Blend with DJ Getta
Native Noon Hour with Wanda J
Soulful Moments with Tina-the-one-and-only
The Rock Out Hour with DJ Pillow
Alternative Oasis with DJ Breeze
Tuesday Torture
Rez Cowboy Radio with DJ Sugarbear
The Classic Country Hour with DJ Sugar Bear
Grand Canyon Country Countdown with DanO
Redeemed and Free with Pastor Steve
Roots and Riddums with DJ Chica
Live at Five with DJ Cole
Reggae Takeover with DJ DemC
Finally Friday Rock with the Goda Girls
Native Star Nation with DJ Getta
Street Connection with MC Omar
Arizona Radio News and Cesmet Sports
NV1: Native America Calling
NV1: Word with a Champ
NV1: Trahandt Report
NV1: Undercurrents
NV1: Soul Delux
NV1: Talking Drum
NV1: Voices from the Circle
NV1: Voices from the Circle
NV1: American Indian Living
NV1: Earthsongs
Read On Hualapai
Hualapai Word and Phrase of the Day
Hualapai Morning Welcome
Heatseeker 5 Countdown with Chris Kelly
Freak Out Friday with Chris Kelly
Movie Reviews
Live Broadcasts of Community Meetings

* 6. Are you? (please select all that apply)

* 7. What is your age group?

* 8. If you listen to KWLP, in your opinion, how effective is KWLP in meeting its mission statement? (Please explain and give examples and suggestions regarding your answers in the blank space below the answers, if able.)

Encouraging and assisting in preserving the Hualapai community and its traditions, culture and language
Providing a variety of educational, entertainment, informational and cultural programming- national and local, that serves all age groups, interests and related needs on the Hualapai Reservation
Promoting and enhancing timely and accurate communication about local news, events and emergencies on the Hualapai Reservation

* 9. Please let us know if there is any music or content you would like to hear more or less of on KWLP.

  More  Less No Opinion/Don't Care
National Native programs like NV1
Native Contemporary Music
Native Theater, Comedy or Poetry
Native Stories
Local Community Meetings such as GCRC Shareholder or Tribal council
Classic and Gold Country
Contemporary and Hot Country
Rez Country
National News
Local News
Local community Events and Services
Classic Rock
Alternative Rock
Traditional Native
Hualapai Language

* 10. Would you be interested in volunteering at KWLP in any of the following ways?(If yes to any, please leave your name and number in the "Other" box)

Find and Screen Music
Electronics/Engineering Support
Audio Production/IT Support
Website Management
Social Media Management
Building and Grounds Maintenance
Reception/Administrative Tasks
Contributing Hualapai Language, Stories, History, Culture And Traditions Content
Participating on the Advisory Committee