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Annual Work Plan Development

AT&I is charged with overseeing the City’s essential Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Per the permanent rules of City Council as outlined in the municipal code, the Committee will review and provide oversight on policy items related to:

●       Capital Improvement Process Improvements
●       ADA CIP Projects
●       Infrastructure Financing
●       Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Monitoring
●       Neighborhood Input on Infrastructure Needs and Priorities
●       Stormwater Infrastructure
●       Public Facilities Financing Plans
●       Development Impact Fees
●       Facilities Benefit Assessments
●       Wastewater Infrastructure
●       Water Infrastructure
●       City Facilities
●       Park Infrastructure
●       Multi-Year Capital Improvement Program Plan
●       Transportation Infrastructure
●       Transportation Planning
●       Transit Services, Parking
●       Community Parking Districts
●       Municipal Airports
●       Walkability and Bicycle Programs

Please contact Katherine Johnston, Active Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Consultant at with any questions and/or concerns. 

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* 2. The Active Transportation 2023 Work Plan will broadly feature items pertaining to the City's Capital Improvement Program. The committee’s official jurisdiction includes the issues and programs listed below. Please select those that are most important to you.

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* 3. Please check what issues you believe are most important to address this year.

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* 4. Please share any additional topics you would like to see addressed this year. 

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