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8. If time and money were no object and you could be/do anything in the world...
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9. What steps have you taken to narrow down your options?

10. You now have two options...
1) you may have decided you would like to take a class that is all about YOU!
Register on line by going to Eollege of Education (CECH), Counseling, and choose course number
18 CNSL 302 001, 002, 003
Special Topics in Career Decision Making

2) you may decide that you would like to speak with a Career Navigator Advisor
FIRST go back to the website and click on the link to fill out the intake form "online Preliminary questionaire"
Then: Schedule an appointment by clicking on the link to email a request or you may call or Stop by to schedule and see where The Career Development Center is... We are on the first floor in the Univeristy Pavilion, below One Stop
Call: 556-3471
Email: cdc@uc.edu

Ask for a Discover "token" when you schedule your appointment.