Cosmo Story Titles

* Real quick, please tell us your age and how often you read Cosmopolitan magazine?

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Must Read: When You Can't Stop Thinking About Food…
No BS Answers to Your Sex Questions!
Go From Friend Zone to Girlfriend
Take a Guy Friend to the Next Level
Banish His Annoying Ex!
Get it on! Superhot summer lovin'… 25 Ways to Let Loose Together
Is your friend holding you back at work?
Lets talk… Men in mandals: do, date, or ditch?

* Tell us which cover line is most appealing to you between the following pairs. Which do you prefer, A or B?

  A B
A) Make Sex Hotter vs. B) Hot Summer Lovin'
A) Beachy Hair in Seconds vs. B) Flirty Dresses
A) Skirts & Sandals vs. B) Your Kickass Vacation Workout