As members of the Christian Education Board, we’d like to ask for your help. We invite you to fill out this survey so that we can gauge general interest in various Christian teachings as well as your availability to attend classes throughout the year.

* 1. How often do you participate in Adult CE classes?

* 2. If you have not attended a CE class, why is that?

* 3. If given a choice, I would prefer classes that meet:

* 4. Which weekdays would you be able to attend?

* 5. How often would you be interested in participating in CE studies?

* 6. Length of Study

* 7. Preferred Focus of Study - Would you be interested in participating in the following studies? Check all that Apply

* 8. Additional Areas of Interest? Please specify:

* 9. Which groups do you prefer?

* 10. Do you have any interest in leading a CE class? If so, what might you like to teach?