1. Your Interest in Scrammble/Scrabble Game

This survey attempts to determine for whom, on when and at where a Scrammble and/or Scrabble (R) Tournament should be offered to help students to enjoy word games and develop a good learning habit.

* 1. Have You played the Scrammble game or do you know the Scrammble game?

* 2. Have you visited the Scrammble Game Web Site at
www.scrammble.us or

* 3. Are you interested in participating in the Scrammble Tournament? If Yes, select preferred the time, if no, select none above.

* 4. Would you prefer the Scrammble Tournament to be conducted in a studio like a TV Show which can be viewed on Cable broadcast or a DVD?

* 5. Would you like to participate in a Scrammble/Scrabble (R) Tournament where Scrabble competition and Scrammble competition are played? Please offer comments if any.

* 6. Would you like to have a Scrammble/Scrabble Club in your school so students can play Scrammble and/or Scrabble (R) word games after school? Add comments to the other field if you would like to make the club activity to take place in a particular school. Please include your email for receiving a reply.

* 7. If you are responding to the survey as a or on behalf a child or student in the age group of the following, please select. You may select multiple answers if you represent multiple kids.

* 8. Would you support the practice that the Tournament charges a nominal registration fee to defray cost? If yes, please indicate the amount you think it is reasonable. If you have a comment please use the other field.