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Access to media post production

If you are interested in using your UniSA Online (UO) produced media for teaching and learning in your on-campus course you will need to consider the following:

o   Does your media (video or audio) make reference to UniSA Online specific learning objectives, assessments, or weeks of delivery? If so, then you may not be able to use the entire media in your on-campus course. You may still be able to use the media however you may have to direct students to specific sections that apply to their learning, i.e. refer to content between minutes 2-4 only.

o   If you have access to, and are comfortable with video editing software, you may decide to edit your UO media to remove any reference to UO. If you go down this pathway, you will need to upload the media to Moodle (Helix).

If you require your media, you will have access to either the:

o   YouTube edited videos. These will be provided to you as embed codes which you can copy and paste directly into your Moodle course. The code provided will ensure course UO IDs will not be presented unless YOU have included this information in your presentation.

o   Raw media file which you can edit. You will be required to bring a 1TB external hard drive to your recording session if you required the raw media files.

Please discuss your needs with Charlotte and the media team prior to recording or contact – 0433 739 791 or if you have any questions.