* 1. My child’s school's physical environment promotes an atmosphere of safety and is well-maintained.

* 2. Students and parents are treated fairly and respectfully by teachers and staff at school.

* 3. School leadership actively encourages all stakeholders(parents, students, faculty, administration, community members) to participate in the decision-making process of my school.

* 4. My child receives appropriate and meaningful homework and can receive extra help if needed.

* 5. The principal and teachers have high expectations for my child.

* 6. I feel welcomed and valued when visiting the school.

* 7. I receive school communication in a timely manner for information regarding my child.

* 8. I have the ability to check my child’s grades anytime.

* 9. My child is well prepared for class on a daily basis.

* 10. If you chose "Disagree" or "Strongly Disagree" on any of the above questions, please give us feedback as to how we could potentially correct or improve the area(s) of concern.

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