1. Thank you so much!

Dear Youth Ministry Partner (whether Youth, Parent, Congregation member),

God has been so good to us over these past years...and your investment of prayer and partnership has a lot to do with that! Thank you!

You are awesome for taking time to share your heart about how you are presently feeling about the Youth Ministry at Longview Community Church.

This survey will be used for my DOCTORAL DISSERTATION WORK, as well as helping us evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our Youth Ministry and our church.

You TRULY are an invaluable part of this process. And we NEED you and your input in taking the best next steps forward together.

It is truly a privilege to serve with you!
Chris Lyons

(PS: When I say "Youth Ministry," think about the overall PLAN and PROGRAM that is there to help teenage students in the church. That should help you out!)

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