Disability Cycling Survey by Scottish Disability Sport and Scottish Cycling

Please help us compile a list of Scotland's disability cycling provision. This will enable us to signpost disabled people with an interest in cycling towards the best local centres that meet their needs. We may also use this survey to identify gaps where no cycling provision exists.

* 1. What is the name of your club or group?

* 2. What opportunities does the club offer disabled riders?

* 3. Does your club have access to specialist bikes, if so please specify approximate numbers below?

  None 1-2 2-5 5 or more
Side by sides
Wheelchair Loading
Hand cycles
Running Bikes

* 4. Would a new rider be expected to have his or her own bike?

* 5. Do you have qualified instructors able to coach disabled riders?

* 6. Are your coaches trained in disability specific cycling

* 7. Does your club have any specific facilities or equipment for coaching any of the following groups of riders?

  Yes No
People with a sensory impairment (hearing, Deaf, blind or partially sighted).
People with a physical disability (ambulant, physical disability and wheelchair users).
People with a learning disability.

* 8. Does your club have use of a disability accessible toilet?

* 9. Approximately how many disabled riders participate in your club or group?

* 10. Approximately how many non-disabled riders participate in your club or group?

* 11. If you have a named contact person for the club what is their contact details, i.e. email and telephone number?

* 12. Please provide address, email, and telephone numbers of your club and where to find other information.

* 13. May we keep your details on a database of Scottish disability cycling resources? We would not pass these details to any third party.

* 14. Please add a postcode of either a club meeting point, centre or primary location to allow geographic mapping of your club or organisation. If your club does not have one fixed meeting point please specify a postcode that reflects the geographic heart of your activities.

* 15. If you would like to be entered into the prize draw to win a brand new tricycle courtesy of Quest88? If so please add your email address below.