* 1. What environmental issues are you most interested in?

* 2. In the course of your studies here at St. Lawrence, who are some potential speakers; be they authors or activists, theater troupes, musicians, politicians or non-profit organizations that have inspired you?

* 3. Perhaps in films, magazines or online, what speakers relative to our topics of concern have you found particularly interesting and would like to see come to St. Lawrence and/or the North Country?

* 4. Do you know of any speakers that are already scheduled to come speak in the North Country or at St. Lawrence relative to our topics of concern that the community could benefit from? For helpful topic categories, please see the listing at


* 5. Are there any books or movies that left an impression on you to make a change in your life and local environment?

* 6. Would you like to see the St. Lawrence community be involved in the Local Living Festival this coming Fall? For information on last year's event, please see


* 7. Would you be interested in volunteering or to help organize student involvement in this festival? Please see


*enclose email, name and year

* 8. Would your campus group like to have an exhibit space at our Local Living Festival?

*enclose email, name, year and group name

* 9. Would you be interested in a future Internship or Community Based Learning experience with the Sustainable Living Project?

*enclose email, name, year