Upcoming Town Hall Meeting: March 20th, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

As you have hopefully heard the PTA and Peponi Senior Leadership are working together towards improving communication between the school, teachers and parents.    The idea is to have a more active PTA that supports a wide range of school areas in addition to supporting our children's engagement with their respective Year Charities.  The PTA will host a Town Hall Meeting on March 20th from 6 pm to 7:30 pm for parents only.  We would like all parents to attend and provide their suggestions and ideas on improving communications and strengthening our partnership with the school.

In order that this meeting is productive, we wanted to capture some of the key subjects that parents feel are important and interested in further discussion.  This survey is entirely anonymous so that parents can feel free to provide honest and productive input.   Responses collected in this survey are returned to the PTA directly.   At the upcoming Town Hall meeting the PTA will put a bit more framework around these general topics based upon parent feedback and discuss a structure for moving forward with the identified initiatives. 

This is an opportunity for all interested parents to share their dreams, ideas and hopes for partnering with the Senior Leadership Team and our teachers to create a stronger parent/teacher community with a shared vision.     Please take five minutes to complete the survey and provide as much narrative as desired.  Thank you for your time and partnership!  

* 1. Please share what you perceive to be the strengths and successes of Peponi?

* 2. Please rank your level of interest in participating/discussing the areas below as a parent body:

  Not Interested (Can't be Bothered to Discuss) Interested (Worth a Conversation) Highly Interested (Jumping Out of My Seat Can't Wait to Talk)
Arts (Art/Drama/Music)
Children's Emotional Well Being/Pastoral Care
Communication Tools
Facility Improvements
Health and Diet
Learning Support
Parent Enrichment/Outreach
School Fees
Sports Related Items
Teacher Enrichment and Engagement

* 3. Please share specific topics and ideas within the respective categories you are interested in discussing. Feel free to provide as much detail and any anecdotes to provide context.

* 4. Please share any additional areas of interest/concern not covered above that you would like to discuss during the Town Hall meeting. 

* 5. Finally, the Peponi Senior Leadership is in the midst of designing a Parent Portal to faciliate communication with the parent body.  Do you have any specific ideas/areas that you would like to see incorporated into the portal?

Thank you for your time!  A reminder that your input is completely anonymous.   We will incorporate responses into the Town Hall meeting on March 20th from 6 pm to 7:30 pm.   Should you have any questions about this survey or the Town Hall please feel free to contact your Class Rep or Jennifer Granskog at Jennifer.granskog@lodgx.com