1. Local Businesses in the MIDAS Region

MIDAS Council of Governments is currently working on a disaster recovery project in order to evaluate how the disasters of 2008 affected, and continue to affect our region. Our current task within the project is to compile a report that gives us a greater understanding of the issues that our region has been experiencing due to the disasters of 2008.

A portion of the report will concentrate on how the disasters of 2008 affected businesses within our region. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation with filling out the following survey, so that we can effectively portray how the disasters of 2008 may have affected your business. If your business did not experience any damages due to the disasters, we would still like to hear from you.

Thank You,


* 1. Business Name, Address, Phone Number

* 2. What type of services does your business offer?

* 3. What is the number of employees your business employs?

* 4. Was your business affected by the disasters of 2008?

* 5. What was the estimated losses in dollars to your business?

* 6. Have the damages to your business due to the 2008 disasters been repaired?

* 7. Did you apply for assistance to recover from the 2008 disasters?

* 8. Was your business previously affected by any weather or man-made emergencies?

* 9. Does your business have a Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan?

* 10. Would your business be interested in a Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan?