* 1. Do you currently have a mentor?

* 2. If so, how did you find them? (select one)

* 3. How long have you had a mentor?

* 4. Are you their only mentee?

* 5. Is your mentor an architect?

* 6. What kinds of activities do you do with your mentor? (indicate all that apply)

* 7. Are you currently seeking a mentor?

* 8. What are some of the barriers to finding a mentor? (select all that apply)

* 9. Do you think there would be value in the AIACC creating an online mentoring database? (Ex: something like “Match.com” for the architectural profession)

* 10. Do you have any additional comments about the state of mentoring in the architectural profession that would help the AEP shape this program?

* 11. Please provide the following:

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