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Thank you
for your interest in the Aleutian Village Trailer Park Survey!
Survey Deadline: Friday October 30

This survey is exclusively for residents of Aleutian Village Trailer Park. Please only complete one survey per household.

The city hired Sheinberg Associates, a private firm based in Juneau, Alaska, to conduct this survey of park residents. The contract requires that all survey answers be kept confidential. Individual survey responses will not be submitted to the City. Answers will be aggregated and only the combined answers from everyone will be reported to the City of Valdez.

On September 9, 2015 the City of Valdez learned that the Aleut Corporation plans to close the Aleutian Village Trailer Park, eliminating at least 60 affordable housing units and displacing nearly 200 residents, by August 31, 2016. The City of Valdez is now actively working with Aleut Corporation to better understand their plans and advocate for Aleutian Village residents’ interests.

The City of Valdez's current preferred outcomes are:
     1.  Retain Aleutian Village residents in Valdez (either in Aleutian Village Trailer Park or another area of town, if necessary).
     2.  Obtain a time extension or withdrawal of the closure notice to allow the Corporation, the city, and park residents to pursue mutually agreeable outcomes.
     3.  See Aleutian Village utilities brought up to city code.
     4.  Establish an assistance program to facilitate the voluntary replacement of older mobile home units with new energy-efficient units.

Information obtained from this survey will help the city to assist residents by:
    - Identifying what financial, equipment, and other housing related assistance Aleutian Village residents will need to stay in Valdez.
    - Understanding what housing alternatives residents are most likely to pursue.
    - Gathering income data to document the neighborhood's eligibility for housing assistance programs and grants.

If you have any questions as you are filling out the survey, please contact Sheinberg Associates at 907-586-3141 or We would be happy to help.