PoC-US applications: Basic and Advanced applications for the diagnostic purpose.

Author: Dr. Mihai Iacob - President of EUVEKUS - Europäische Vereinigung für die Entwicklung von klinischen Ultraschalluntersuchungen im ambulanten Gesundheitswesen in Wien. (► European Association for the Development of Clinical Ultrasonography in Ambulatory Health Care (Outpatient Health Care) - EADUS)

Alternative names for PoCUS include • Emergency ultrasound, • Focused ultrasound, and • Clinician-performed ultrasound.
"The Point of Care Ultrasonography" - POC -US - Represents clinician - performed ultrasound in the patient's medical care, both in the doctor's office or at the home visit, to guide case management, early diagnosis and targeted for clinical purposes. Currently, the existence of ultrasound equipment at low prices and miniaturization together with improving portability and their quality, represent a great advantage for the clinical ultrasonography practitioners.  
PoC-US is basically an extension and a complement to the clinical examination of the physician in our days.
This method is advantageous especially for medical specialties that are involved in the management of acute pathology and of complications, as is and the family medicine, which is basically a central pillar of the health system and the first contact with the patient.
Worldwide PoC-US is introduced in several specialties (Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, ENT, Endocrinology and other) and our effort is to try to recommend this method, as a useful investigation in family medicine or other medical specialties in ambulatory medicine and preparation in the future, to a series of guidelines for the clinical ultrasound practice in primary care or in outpatient medicine.
Optimal use of this technology could lead to a reduction in medical errors, an accurate diagnosis, an optimal treatment with better overall results.

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