Part 1: 第一部分

Dear Participant,

I am a researcher from the Sport and Exercise Department at Staffordshire University. As part of my research I am interested performance anxiety, looking at the beliefs, emotions and behaviors of competitive athletic runners and professional performance musicians prior to and during an upcoming competition/performance.

 In this survey, there are three parts to complete below:
1. Participants Consent Sheet  
2.Participants Demographics 
3.Performance Time Point I- ONE MONTH BEFORE Performance
Dear 參與者:

*第一部分為 填寫 「相關資訊說明與同意書」
*第二部分為 「基本資料」
*第三部分為 演出/比賽 前一個月填寫 研究問題  


  分析與研究運動員與樂器演奏者面對「運動表現焦慮」/「演奏焦慮」時如何從中將焦慮降到最低,並將提高運動或演奏表現能力。由於在過去有相當多的研究指出,樂器演奏家=運動員,因次這次研究將 「運動員」與「樂器演奏家」兩種不同職業作分析與探討如「面臨即將到來的比賽、演出所帶來的焦慮感」與「面對焦慮時如何提高演奏表現」做出比對並研究探討出如何有效降低焦慮表現。

What does it involve? 此問卷涉及內容與時間 :

Your participation will involve completing six questionaries’ regarding your beliefs, emotions and behaviors prior to an upcoming competition at three time points:

  1. A month before competition/performance 演出或賽前一個月
  2. A week before competition/performance (shortened measures) 演出或賽前一個禮拜
  3. One day/Night before competition/performance (much shorter measures) 演出或賽前一日
  4. After the competition/performance (i.e., within 1-2 days about the completed competition/performance). 演出後或賽後1-2日
The completion of questionnaires will take approximately 25-30 minutes of your time in total.


Am I suitable for the study? 是否適合做此問卷?

In order to take part, athletes and musicians must be over 18 years old. Additionally, athletes must be involved in competitive competitions and musicians must be involved in professional or semi-professional performances. If you are currently suffering from any stress related mental health condition, then unfortunately you are unable to take part in the study.


  1. 您需年滿18歲
  2. 您的職業以「音樂演奏」或「業餘演奏家」/運動選手(業餘與職業皆可)並即將「參與演出」或「比賽者」
  3. 如您目前已有診斷並確診為心理相關疾病患者,很抱歉謝謝您的幫忙,但您將無法參與這個研究。

Do I have to take part? 參與意願

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary and you have the right to withdraw at anytime without further consequence. You are able to withdraw your participation (i.e., removal of your data) from when you begin the research up until 2 wee
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