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The MMA Outreach Programming Award is given to an organization that has developed a new or revamped museum educational program or project which is unique, innovative, and community-driven. Innovation may include incorporating a new technology, a method, or a practice that reflects a change from standard practice. The program can take place within the institution or out in the community. This award recognizes educational programs that are data driven and demonstrate impact and achievements of outcomes. Preference is given to programs that demonstrate true community engagement and impact – community can be defined broadly in regards to your organizations intended audience.

Nominated organizations must be institutional members of the Michigan Museums Association
Nominated programs must:
1. Be tied to the museum’s mission, vision, values, or strategic plan.
2. Have clearly articulated goals and objectives which include methods or plan, intended audience, goals, and outcomes.
3. Articulate the process in place for evaluation, including recording outcomes and providing data supporting the program’s effectiveness.

Deadline: August 31, 2018