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* 1. Please Select:

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. Are you familiar with portable electronic chargers?

* 4. How interested are you in purchasing any type of portable electronic charger?

  Not Interested Slightly Interested Moderately Interested Mostly Interested Very Interested
Interest Level

* 5. How many times a week do you ride a bicycle?

* 6. Please rate the level of each factor's importance in determining why you ride your bicycle.

  not important slightly important moderately important mostly important very important
It's a good workout
It's good for the environment
It's cheaper than driving
It's the most convenient commute

* 7. How many times do you ride your bicycle to...

  daily 2+ a week 1 a week 2-3 a month 1 a month 3-6 a year 1 a year never
commute to work
leisurely relax
competitively race
sightsee on vacation
as a hobby
to get/keep in shape