The Iowa Department of Natural Resources wants to find out what young Iowans do outdoors, and what else you might like to explore. Please complete this survey. The nine questions will take about ten minutes. Because responses to this survey are anonymous, there are no known risks to participants.
All your answers are anonymous. Information collected through the survey cannot be connected to you or your computer. Only a summary of responses and data will be shared; individual information will not be provided.

If you are under 18, you must get permission from your parents to complete the survey.
As you take the survey, you may quit any time by clicking the “exit” button in the top right corner. You can go back to any questions as many times as you want until you press the “done” button.
You may skip any questions you don’t want to answer; your survey will still be counted. The only questions you MUST answer are those questions about whether you have permission and are choosing to take the survey.
Clicking on the link to survey means you understand you are agreeing to complete the survey and that all your questions have been answered.

Question Title

* 1. I understand the instructions above. My questions have been answered to my satisfaction, and I wish to take the survey. I can print this page and keep it for my records.