1. Technical Lead

* 1. Please tell us about yourself. Give us some insight into who you are and how you work. Why are you applying for this role?

* 2. What is a project that you wish you had done better? What were some of the issues that caused the project to turn out the way that it did? What did you learn?

* 3. What is your experience with system design? At I Will Teach, we work with a multitude of 3rd party systems, and have the technical requirements of a large-scale IT company, and the process flows of some of the most advanced marketing strategies in the industry. Please give specific examples of systems you have designed that have both stringent technical and user-facing requirements.

* 4. If you were developing a system where a user registers, and after receiving a confirmation email, needs to be tagged in multiple systems, some that are API-based, some that are JS-based, and some that must have data submitted externally -- how would you reconcile all data-collection requirements while making sure that the user was presented with a seamless user experience?

* 5. Are you comfortable working with a distributed technical team, and various levels of technical and strategic ability? If so, please given an example of having worked with distributed teams in the past, what were the roadblocks and how you overcame those hurdles.

* 6. What is your desired compensation?

* 7. Please leave your name.

* 8. Please leave your contact information (email is best).