* 1. Did you participate in any Homecoming 2013 events?

* 2. If you attended any Homecoming events, please rate your experience for the following events:

  Positive Nuetral Negative N/A
Academic Reunions
Affinity Social (Grand River Center)
Alumni Art Show Opening
Alumni Awards Banquet
Alumni Breakfast
Alumni Choir (Participant)
Campus Tour
Classroom Opportunities (Appreciation of Music)
Festival and/or Meal (Saturday)
Football Game
Heritage Center Tour
Homecoming BBQ (Friday)
Jim Witter's The Piano Men Show
Presidents Luncheon
Spartan Send Off (Grand River Center)
Spartan Social
Spartan Welcome Center/On-Site Registration

* 3. If you attended Homecoming 2013, please rate the following:

  Excellent Fair Poor
Parking availability and proximity
Golf cart transportation availability
Location of registration
Schedule of weekend events (hours/length of events)
Pre-registration process (online, mail or phone)

* 4. If you did not attend Homecoming 2013, please help us understand why.

  Agree Nuetral Disagree
Not interested in connecting with classmates
No one from my class made plans to attend
Travel to Dubuque is too expensive
Not enough vacation time to visit Dubuque
Schedule of events didn't appeal to me

* 5. Whether or not you attended Homecoming 2013, please provide any ideas to help improve future events.