Thank you for participating in this survey provided by the Derby Neck Library. This survey is designed to get your feedback about the recent science classes you may have attended. This survey should take 5 minutes. Your feedback is very important to us. Thank you for your time.

* 1. Have you attended one or more science classes at the Derby Neck Library?
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* 2. Please indicate the class(es) you attended below:
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* 3. Did your child (or children) talk about what was learned in class?
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* 4. Assuming the Derby Neck Library continues to hold a science class on Tuesdays at 11am, do you plan to continue attending?
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* 5. Why or Why not?
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* 6. Please share any comments you may have about your experience with the science class. (ie: What did you like? Suggestions for improvement? Topics you'd like to see covered.)
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* 8. To help us better understand the reach of the Library's programs, please indicate in which town you live.
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Your feedback is sincerely appreciated. If you have any questions or other comments, or if you are interested in getting involved (teaching or contributing), please contact Miss Kathi at or Rachel at Thank you.