The Native American Disability Law Center provides free legal assistance and education to people with
disabilities and their families. We rely on the community to tell us about the legal needs of people with
disabilities and how we can best meet them. One way we get this information is from surveys. The
information we get from surveys is important to us. We use it to:

• Decide what we can do to help people with disabilities;
• Improve how we help those people; and
• Develop new training materials.

Your opinion really matters! That is why we are asking you to complete this survey.

You can choose to fill out the survey. If you do, all of your answers are anonymous. We want you to feel
free to answer the questions honestly. You can answer some or all of the questions. Any information we
get from your survey will be kept confidential. It should take about 20 minutes to fill out the whole survey.
If you decide not to fill out the survey you can still receive services from The Native American Disability
Law Center.

All of the issues listed on the survey are important to people with disabilities. Please help us make the fine
differences that we need to set our priorities and allocate our resources. Please carefully consider the
different issues and help us by checking which are more important than others.

Thank you for helping us to improve our services.


Therese Yanan
Co-Director of Program Services/Attorney at Law
8% of survey complete.