1. We are seeking your input & feedback on Minister Ryan's Redesigning VET FEE-HELP Discussion Paper.

The team at Audit Express value the input, comments, feedback and position of our clients and stakeholders, and we take this into account when forming our own position on VET policy and reform. We are in the process of working on our response to Minister Scott Ryan's Redesigning VET FEE-HELP: Discussion Paper and we are seeking your input and feedback on the Ministers Discussion Questions.

We have developed this online survey to enable you to share your comments and feedback with us and upon request we will provide you with a pdf copy of your responses to the discussion questions, this should also make it much easier for you to prepare your own response to Minister Scott Ryan's discussion paper and will enable the team at Audit Express to ensure that we best represent your organisations position in our response.

The questions in this online survey should be read in conjunction with Minister Scott Ryan's Redesigning VET FEE-HELP: Discussion Paper. 

Options for change

Options for consideration have been grouped into three categories – protecting students, regulating providers and managing the system. As well as the obvious fact that no single measure will address all the issues outlined above, the interaction between these options and the incentives they provide also needs to be specifically considered.

The team at Audit Express have built this survey into three sections to best reflect the three categories set out in Senator Ryans discussion paper – protecting students, regulating providers and managing the system.

Question Title

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