Welcome to the City Of Laramie Resident Survey!

Since 2007, more than $20 Million has been spent for street and storm drainage work throughout the community - that's about $2 to $2.75 Million per year on average. Many miles of gravel roads have been converted to paved surfaces, new underground storm mains installed in west Laramie, and significant improvements made to existing paved streets. The work was paid for largely with one-time funding.
Looking forward to the upcoming decade, maintaining the existing street system in its current condition is estimated to cost roughly $27.25 Million. Improving, or upgrading, streets will require $71 to $91 Million, depending upon the degree of improvement the community desires to make. One-time funding from State and federal sources is no longer available to pay for street and drainage work. However, voters did just approve annual funding of roughly $1.5 Million per year from the 6th Penny Sales Tax. And, the City is eligible for modest loans to pay for storm drainage work. Another financing tool that could be used to upgrade existing infrastructure is the Local Improvement District (LID) which, when formed by benefitting property owners, often teams up with municipal government through a public-private partnership.
The City is preparing a financial plan to maintain, and possibly improve, the street & storm drainage system in the upcoming decade. Your feedback will help us gain a better understanding of the cost and type of changes the community may desire. More detailed information is available on the City website: https://www.cityoflaramie.org/1015/Street-Financing-Public-Dialogue-Problem
This survey is hosted remotely and all submissions are entirely anonymous.