Reporting Complex Complaints


Uncomplicated complaints: Can be resolved quickly through making a simple request of Facility staff or through general observation.  Uncomplicated complaints can be "fixed" on the spot/at the visit.  Uncomplicated complaints are reported in your advocacy report.
Complicated Complaints: Involve abuse, medical and resident rights violations; requires investigation, fact finding, discussions with multiple facility staff, residents and others.  Complicated complaints cannot be handled in one visit (requires multiple visits and follow-up).  Must be handled under the direction of an Ombudsman Specialist.
Report Complicated Complaints Immediately:
-Submit online report or contact Regional Office if you identify or suspect any and  all types of abuse. (614)-345-9198.
-Report complicated complaints within 24 hours.
-The staff intake person for the day will review your online submission or voicemail and contact you for further details and record info in ODIS.
-The Ombudsman Specialist assigned to that Facility will follow up with you to direct your continued role in the investigation and begin investigation within 3-5 business days.
Reporting Follow-up on complex complaints: Your staff Ombudsman may direct you to assist with an investigation and/or follow-up with residents to ascertain satisfaction with investigative strategies and resolution.
-Please report to your staff Ombudsman any and all activity including travel and documentation time, on a particular case by telephone, or email.  Do not combine case handling time and advocacy time on same report forms. These are two separate activities and must be reported in ODIS as such.
Questions/Concerns: Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 614-345-9198