1. Middle School Bullying Survey

Please complete this short survey to provide feedback for the Auburn Washburn School District about bullying behavior in the middle school. For the purpose of this survey the items listed in question (I) identify the various kinds of behaviors that are considered bullying behaviors.

* 1. At WRMS please indicate the gender of those who bullied you.

* 2. Usually, what is the age of those who bully you?

* 3. How often have these things happened to you at WRMS?

  Everyday 1 or 2 times a week 1 or 2 times a month 1 or 2 times a year Never
been teased in a mean way
been called hurtful names
been left out of things on purpose
been threatened
been inappropriately touched
been sexually harassed
been hit or kicked or pushed
been the subject of rumors or gossip
had your property destroyed or something stolen from you?

* 4. The things mentioned above usually occur…...

  Yes No Not Applicable
in my classroom
on the athletic field
in the cafeteria
in the bathroom
in the hall
on the bus
at the bus stop
in the locker room
in the parking lot
at extra-curricular events

* 5. Most of the time how many people were involved in bullying you?

* 6. If you have witnessed someone being bullied what was your reaction?

* 7. If you or a friend were being bullied, whom would you report it to?

  Yes No
my mother or father
my sister or brother
another student at school
counselor/administrator, security, social worker
a teacher
someone else
nobody, I would handle it myself

* 8. If you or a friend has been bullied at WRMS, what happened after someone was told about it?

* 9. How often have you noticed bullying going on at WRMS?

* 10. Bullying is a serious problem in my school.

* 11. If you were bullied or saw someone being bullied at WRMS, how well did people who work at this school handle it?

* 12. Overall, how would you rate the efforts of adults at your school to prevent students bullying one another?

* 13. Most teasing I see is done in fun, not to hurt people.

* 14. Most students who get bullied bring it on themselves.

* 15. Bullying helps people by teaching them what is important to the peer group.

* 16. Do you feel comfortable about reporting bullying at your school?

* 17. If you or a friend has been bullied, please identify whether any of the following reasons were the probable cause for the bullying:

  Yes No
Skin color
Sexual orientation
Body size
Intellectual ability
Economic status

* 18. Have you ever been involved in a bullying another individual? If so, what role did you play?